Technical Support

As a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, Shanghai Sunglow Packaging Technology co., ltd. has always placed high priority in the research and development of its products and processes to provide customers with technical support. Through the investment and implementation of new R & D projects, the company's overall process and technology level is improved. New projects and new R & D technology achievements are actively converted. We strive to provide customers with packaging design, structural design, process R&D, printing and packaging, and other all-round, multi-level technical support.


The company has a good culture of focusing on R&D projects, actively participating in technology research and development, and actively applying new technologies. It has successively set up and carried out numerous new technology R&D projects, providing customers with overall product packaging solutions and product technology.


Shanghai Sunglow packaging technology co., LTD., has realized the double growth of customer product sales and the company's printing and packaging business while providing technical support for customers, achieving a win-win situation with customers.

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