"Customer first, integrity first, quality first" is the service tenet that the company has always adhered to!

The company is willing to provide high-quality services for the majority of new and old customers, carry out comprehensive cooperation and jointly create a better future for the company and customers to achieve a win-win situation!

Shanghai Sunglow Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive professional printing company integrating design,pre-press, production and post-press processing.

The competition and service advantages of Sunglow Technology:

In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, Sunglow Technology has continuously improved in operation and management, marketing and sales, cost control and other aspects, and gradually improved various competitive advantages, with global service capabilities and levels:


1.1.Professional sales team, providing all-round, high-quality and fast services:

The company is equipped with a professional service team composed of sales, customer service and process technicians by customers and brands to realize a comprehensive and integrated printing and packaging solution from product process development, packaging design, printing and production to logistics and distribution; and realizes a 3-working day from receiving customer procurement intentions to providing physical samples. Fast service; printing and packaging services for customers' key product development, market promotion and urgent promotion of orders, Sunglow Technology can achieve 24-hour sample delivery and three-day delivery of high-quality services. To shorten the market response time and improve the rapid feedback and service quality of customer service.

2.Quality monitoring of the whole process, system to ensure product quality:

The company operates under ISO9001 and implements effectively under BRC-IOP, a global food packaging safety standard system. Key control points (CCP/CQP) are established throughout the entire production process. Quality control is maintained throughout the entire production with a combination of inline machine inspections and IPQC (In-Process Quality Control) spot check.

3.Robust logistics support system, offering 24/7 and instant delivery services:

The professional CS team follows up and updates the customer's supply needs every day, and can order and stock up according to the customer's forecast plan. The company cooperates with a number of international logistics and warehousing enterprises in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and has built a perfect ordering, customs declaration, warehousing, logistics and other systems, which can carry out timely and effective transportation and logistics deployment, and ensure that each order is delivered in accordance with the requirements of the order, quality and quantity, and on time.

4.Integrate the upstream supply chain and optimize cost control:

The supply chain model, which combines centralized procurement with annual procurement bargaining, replaces the supply and purchase mode of agents to obtain better services and purchase unit prices from original paper manufacturers. By integrating upstream suppliers and fundamentally reducing procurement costs, we will lay a solid foundation for optimizing internal cost control.

Cost control is one of the important tasks of production and manufacturing. The manufacturing department carries out cost control work around "standardization of quality control, automation of production equipment, and informatization of management data", reducing staff, increasing efficiency and reducing the waste rate.


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