As a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai and a small giant enterprise in science and technology in Shanghai, Shanghai Sunglow Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. has always been the primary task of product and process research and development and innovation to serve customers, and provide customers with technical support. Through the investment and implementation of new R&D projects, we will promote the improvement of the company's overall process and technology level, and actively transform new projects and new R&D technology.

The company has a good atmosphere of paying attention to R&D projects, actively participating in technology R&D, and actively using new processes. It has successively established and built a number of process technology R&D projects to provide customers with overall solutions for product packaging and product technology research and development.

Shanghai Sunglow Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.  in the process of providing technical support for customers, has realized the double growth of customer product sales and the company's printing and packaging business, and achieved a win-win situation with customers.技术支持.jpg


Address:299 Cuibo Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China

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